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Research Project on Analysis and Interpretation of Eye Tracking and Interaction Data on Dynamic Web Content

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About GazeMining

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Research Project GazeMining

The research project Gaze Mining was initiated by EYEVIDO GmbH and the WeST Institute of the University of Koblenz-Landau. It has a term of 2.5 years and started in January 2018.

The GazeMining project is funded by the program KMU-innovativ.

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What We Do

The aim of the research project GazeMining is to capture Web sessions semantically and thus obtain a complete picture of visual content, perception and interaction. The log streams of usability tests are evaluated using data mining. The analysis and interpretability of the data collected in this way is made possible by a user-friendly presentation, semi-automatic and automatic analysis procedures.

With our project we want to:

  • Enable usability optimization with eye tracking even on dynamic Web content.
  • Allow more efficient work by usability experts.
  • Enhance the user experience in the Web by enabling easy and complete understanding of user behavior.

Our Research Goals

The Whole Picture of UX

Full recording and advanced storage of subjects' sessions with interaction and eye tracking data.

Comprehension by Data Mining

Processing and evaluation of interaction and eye tracking data and visual content on the basis of data mining.

Intuitive User Interface

User-friendly data processing in an intuitive user interface for visualization and data analysis.

Analysis supported by Algorithms

Support of usability professionals in evaluating the recorded data by automatic data analysis.

Project Description

Project plan GazeMining

Approximately one billion Web pages are operated worldwide that want to address specific target groups and are under competitive pressure. Good usability, i. e. simple comprehensibility and intuitive operation, is essential for making information or goods accessible to visitors. The subject is not only of major importance in marketing and e-commerce. Due to the increasing number of online services offered by government agencies and authorities, usability is also a social issue, as it must also be possible for non-internet-related target groups to use it.

The analysis of eye tracking data, i. e. the eye behavior of users, is employed together with the analysis of interaction data (clicks, mouse movements, typing on the keyboard, scrolling, touch screen interaction) as a meaningful tool to understand user intuition and identify potential for improvement in usability studies. The goal of the research project GazeMining is to capture Web sessions semantically and thus obtain a complete picture of visual content, perception and interaction. The log streams from these usability tests are evaluated using data mining.

The analysis and interpretability of the collected data is made possible by (semi) automatic analysis methods and a user-friendly presentation. The main challenges in this area are the acquisition and analysis of highly dynamic Web page content and a variety of Web technologies and devices. To facilitate the further dissemination of the usability analyses, non-experts will also be enabled to analyze the eye tracking and interaction data. Usability experts of associated partners will accompany the project regarding the subject and will be involved in the development of the system and the evaluation. The market potential of GazeMining is very large, as the online market as well as the awareness of usability and user-centered development processes are constantly growing.


Start of the Research Project

1st January 2018

Definition of usage requirements in collaboration with usability experts

January-March 2018

Presentation of the first results at the ETRA 2018

June 2018

Video of Enhanced Representation of Web Pages for Usability Analysis with Eye Tracking (ETRA 2018)

Project Partners

Logo EYEVIDO Cloud Eyetracking


Flexible and easy eye tracking in the cloud

The start-up EYEVIDO has developed the cloud software EYEVIDO Lab, with which eye tracking studies can be easily and flexibly implemented.

EYEVIDO Lab precisely records the interactions and gaze and click progressions of test persons and offers a wide range of visualization and evaluation options. The software thus forms a secure basis for rational, targeted and user-centered design optimization. Images, videos and dynamic websites can be optimized.

EYEVIDO GmbH was founded in 2015 and emerged from eyetracking research at the University of Koblenz-Landau. The concept of cloud eye tracking has already won several awards in competitions.

EYEVIDO takes over project coordination. The team focuses on the requirements analysis, the logging of the data and the visualization and exploration of the recorded data.

Logo Institute West

University of Koblenz-Landau, Institute WeST

World-leading research in Web Science

The Institute for Web Science and Technologies (WeST) was founded in October 2009 at the University of Koblenz-Landau and investigates the World Wide Web as the most important IT infrastructure of the 21st century.

We examine the technical aspects of the Web being an open, global and networked system. Moreover, we understand the Web as a socio-technical system and believe that its functioning crucially depends on social, economic and governmental processes. Web Science is the new subject that targets the interdisciplinary understanding and further development of this complex dynamic system.

WeST is mainly responsible for the data mining algorithms and the (semi-) automatic data analysis.


Associated partners

GazeMining is supported by a number of associated partners. They give valuable input to the project goals and evaluated the developed tools. Here a selection or our associated partners:

Logo Markant


MARKANT AG is Europe's largest trading and service cooperation in the food trade with several decades of market experience. MARKANT has been a customer of EYEVIDO since the beginning of 2016 and regularly tests its software products with eye tracking.

Logo GFK


GfK SE, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, is the largest German market research institute and currently number five in the industry worldwide. GfK has been working with eye tracking in a wide variety of projects for many years and is very interested in the further development of the technology.

Logo eresult

eresult GmbH

eresult GmbH is one of the leading UX service providers in Germany, active on the market since 2000 and with 32 consultants at 5 locations. eresult has already participated in research projects of the Universities of Hildesheim and Osnabrück.

Logo Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank AG

The Digital Factory of Deutsche Bank AG opened in 2016 in Frankfurt to develop the "digital bank of tomorrow". The Customer Lab of Digital Factory has been equipped with an EYEVIDO eye tracking system and is intensively used by the employees for eye tracking and interaction analysis of Web products.


Contact us

You can contact direclty the project partners EYEVIDO or WeST or send us a message: